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Bird of Khanbogd

Purevsuren Tsolmonjav

Khanbogd soum is located in south eastern tip of Umnugobi aimag, neighboring with Bayan-Ovoo soum in the west, Manlai soum in the north and Khatanbulag soum of Dornogobi aimag in the east and bordering with China along the southern parts respectively. Soum territory is 15150 square kilometers and compises environmentlly sensitive areas such as western papart of Small Gbi Strictly Protected Area part B, Galba Gobi and Khanbogd mountain massif. There are 476 species of birds have been recorded in Mongolia to date. As of current state of Khanbgd soum, 200 species of birds that belong to 133 genera, 40 families and 16 orders were recorded and most of them are migratory.